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Anyone want to play some obscure Mario Party style games?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:25 pm
by DeskLaser
Like the topic says, I have recently picked up a few of the more obscure "party" style games that are not Mario Party. I have Muppets Party Cruise for GameCube and have not gotten the chance to play it yet. From what I have read, it focuses a lot on screwing over the other players, which is always fun. I also just picked up Tamagotchi Party On for the Wii. It looks to be Mario Party style, with a board game and all, but with Tamagotchis instead. It is now 99 cents at GameStop for a used copy, so I picked it up for the hell of it lol.

If anyone wants to play, I could bring the games and just ask to have either of them put into one of the systems in the console room.