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Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:42 pm

  • The Brawl- tournament has been approved.

    Now, just to put us all on the same page, ladies and gentlemen: this is not your daddy's Brawl. This is Brawl Minus MAX. Normal Brawl has a problem with balance between the fighters (looking at YOU, MK). Brawl Minus attempts to fix that by making everyone ridiculously powerful. After all, if everyone has super powers, then nobody has super powers! Brawl Minus MAX takes that one step further, and even re-works some of the characters (Bowser is a grappling monster, DDD can command the waddle dees, etc). I've been playing Smash since the launch day of 64, and I can honestly say that I've never seen more interesting team battles with my friends. You all will love it.

    You can find a download and change log here if you want to try it out before the tournament:

    The time is 10PM on Saturday.

    Here are the rules:
    - Sets are best out of three matches
    - Teams are P1/P4 vs P2/P3 due to port priority
    - Friendly Fire is ON. Be nice to your partner!
    - Timer is set to 8:00. Stocks are set to 4.
    - All stages are on, with a few exceptions. The mod makes many otherwise unbalanced stages suitable for team tournament play. I need to go through
    - The first stage is either chosen randomly, or by consensus of both teams
    - Subsequent stages are chosen by the loser of the previous round. You must recover!
    - No stalling or planking. This is a manly tournament. Face your opponent with valor!
    - If the game crashes, a new match begins with the stock and damage set as close as the teams and witnesses can remember.
    - Pausing is turned OFF.

    I still have a few things up in the air:
    - Items: normally, I like to keep them ON and LOW, but -MAX is pretty crazy already. I'm thinking it might be better to keep them OFF and NONE this time around.
    - Teams: Either you choose your partner, or I choose randomly. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna have it both ways. Hmm...
    - Single/Double Elimination: Mostly depends on how many players show up, but maybe if the tournament was fast enough, we could follow up with a second unofficial tournament on our own. Just an idea.
    - Recording: I have a good recording setup, and don't mind bringing it. What's the level of interest for putting random matches up on youtube?

    Finally, some soft rules. I highly recommend playing by these guidelines, but you can do as you please:
    - MAN BRAWL. You'll thank me some day.
    - Be dangerous: pick interesting stages, go for the risky KO, show us your fighting spirit!
    - Watch other people's matches, and cheer for a favorite. The only thing better than Brawling with new pals is having an audience for it.

    That's it! Give me your feedback, and bring a friend on Saturday. I'd like to get either 16 or 32 teams. Let's make this the best tourney of Magfest!
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