Introducting the MAGFest Pokemon League!

It's not a Con, it's a Festival! Except when it's a Stock! Or a Gen!

  • Calling all self-proclaimed pokemon masters! If you think your pokemon are up to the challenge the MAGfest pokemon league is ready to put your team to the test! This year there are 12 gym leaders all prepped to take on all challengers! Assemble your team and pick up your trainer card at the gameroom to compete for badges, mpoints, and a chance to claim the title of MAGfest pokemon Champion!
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  • Did anyone on the boards here participate in the pokemon league?!

    Looking for interesting tales of battle!

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  • If you're planning on doing this again for Magfest 13, please let me know so I can prepare my team.

    For I am going to be a Pokemon Master!

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  • Information about the MAGFest 13 Pokemon League will probably not be ready for a few weeks, at least.

    However, we do have plans to have a small group at MAGFest 8.5. Someone will probably post here (or a new thread) once we get a few things ironed out.
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  • The MAGFest Pokemon League will be returning! Gym leaders and custom badges will be back, and additionally we'll have some "Team" based activities!
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  • Will the gym leaders wear orange scarves again?
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  • Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers!!

    If anyone knows information about this year's MAGFest 15 Pokemon League, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you :)
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  • It's only 2 days to magfest now. Anyone know anything else about this?
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  • Will this be coming back again for MAGFest 2016?

    I'm currently following the MAGFest PL Facebook group, but was wondering if there is anyone I could contact for a bit more info.

    Thanks everyone. (:
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