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  • Hey everyone, what's up!

    I recall every year, there are attendees that bring along their scooters and even roller skates to get around the massive building-
    Are there any existing rules against my friend and I bringing a longboard? It just occurred to me that there might be a restriction, however i'm assuming its alright? Obviously, it cant be ridden in high- traffic areas, and we may take it outside for the most part; but I just want to be sure so it's not confiscated or something crazy haha

    I've been psyched to bring my longboard to MAGFEST after designing the MAGFEST Logo across the whole length

    (this one)
    magfest logo.jpg
    magfest logo.jpg (22.3 KiB) Viewed 5585 times

    (and, of course LEDs on the bottom for the future-neon-retro theme)

    Thanks! I'll see you all in January ;D
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  • I assume that nearly every hotel would have a policy against things like that even regular sized skateboards. Also keep in mind that the Gaylord is in a fancier part of town so it might even be more frowned on there. Just saying. Check with the Gaylord to see what the policies are on longboars on their property.
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  • Good idea, I'll check with the hotel
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  • Wait, so are rollerblades frowned upon? It was mentioned in the parent post, but not sure if that's aimed at other conventions.

    PS: First time going to Magfest, or any convention for that matter o_o
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  • I'd have to think that just in general trying to get around on a skateboard or roller blades or whatever would more dangerous than anything what with the huge crowds that will be there. And I got to imagine the hotel/convention center would have rules about that. Couldn't tell you about the surrounding area though.
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