Looking to Form a Videogame Music Cover Band for Magfest!

It's not a Con, it's a Festival! Except when it's a Stock! Or a Gen!

  • I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. I am looking for others who would be interested in forming a videogame music cover band that collaborates remotely/asynchronously (Ohm Studio or similar), and hopefully can meet to play a bit in jamspace at Magfest and/or PAXEast!

    I play the drums. I live in New Jersey. I will keep an eye on this thread and also my PMs!
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  • What genre/kind of game music are you looking to play? Also, the big question, ARE YOU GOOD????
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  • When you put a few people together for a project like this, you end up meeting in the middle with songs and/or styles that work for everyone. In that regard, I'm super flexible - any good tunes deserve a good cover. But absent any other input, I had had an Advantage/Minibosses sound in mind with a focus on NES and SNES tunes that haven't already been done to death. Hearing that, you could say that for starters I'm looking for a guitar and a bass player but in truth anything can be made to work. If my respondents are just a violinist and concertina player, awesome. I can't wait to hear it.

    I'm a decent drummer. I think most musicians would agree that in this endeavor I have the easiest job. Especially with retro covers, as long as we don't start with a full Tim Follin medley I can handle anything well enough. My strength is moreso complex grooves than machinegun-fast fills, but that's fine for this style of music. I don't have a good youtube sample to link to right this minute, but I will record one once I get a respondent or two. I think it's only fair that anyone thinking about joining a project like this can hear samples from the others, and offer their own.
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