Dark Souls 2 PVP tournament at MAGFest!

It's not a Con, it's a Festival! Except when it's a Stock! Or a Gen!

  • My ideas/general logistics so far:

    Tourney will be on PS3, because PSN accounts are free, so all we'll need is a copy of the game.

    I'm thinking SL250 or 300. A bunch of MAG regulars thought 150 was too restrictive and all we'd see is RoBFlynn jesters, and I have to agree. Again, looking for feedback.

    We'll be using a mule so players can choose whatever gear they want, then upgrade accordingly, as the only active bonfires will be McDuff, Majula, Things Betwixt (so characters can be re-speced between matches), and our arena.

    Restrictions: (before the flood of hate, these were suggested, and I'm looking for feedback) No Jesters/ironclad, no vanq seal, no Chaos Blade. No healing spells/items (rings included, butchers knife is fine) Other than that, everything goes. (honestly, I don't mind the chaos blade)

    Fights will be best of 3(5?), no re-specing between fights, but changing gear is allowed.

    If at any point someone not involved invades, the fight is voided and both players can feel free to deliver a beatdown.

    Now, things I'm having trouble nailing down.

    Should we have one person summon the other via RSS, or have a 3rd party host summon them both?

    What should our arena be? No DLC areas, no IK bridge. FotFG arena maybe? 1st heide's bonfire? Or "A tower apart"? idk

    Should all offensive and defensive items be allowed? (troches, urns, ect.)

    I could really use your feedback, so let me know!
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