When does the show stop on the 26th?

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Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:56 am

  • My first MAGfest. Long story short. I booked my flight/hotel days wrong. Flight leaves 26th, and hotel checkout on 27th. I can change either of them, most likely the Hotel a day shorter would be best.

    QUESTION. How long do things run on the last day of MAGfest? Do things wrap up at noon or so, or do they go on into the evening for the 26th? I can stay an extra day if I know things will be still popping off. But I have been to places like QuakeCon where the show ends Sunday, and by that, 10am Sunday, and everything is closed and locked.

    I have the 22nd free for a daytrip to the Air/Space Museum and other things, so I'm not interested in what else there is to do around town.

    Thanks a ton guys!
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  • If I remember right, the closing stuff happened around 3 pm EST.
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  • generally the last day is a low key day, and stuff is all closed up and completely finished by around 6 pm. there are still some panels, and the game rooms stay open till mid afternoon.
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  • I got word on the official twitter that things do go on until 3, but stuff would be winding down before then. I went ahead and changed my hotel checkout for the same day. Not like I was planning to sleep at all during the event, I'm going to get as much out of my time as I can!

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