Badge Pickup on Thursday

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Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:48 pm

  • If I bought a group pass with my friends, could I pick it up on Thursday by myself or would I need to wait until we all are in lane. They wouldn't be arriving til Friday.
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Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:26 am

  • If I remember correctly, the entire group needs to be present.. or at LEAST the 'leader' must be there. I did a group in the past, and I had to be present with the leader to get my pass. From what I recall, they highly encourage the entire group to be present together as it makes their lives easier!

    Tl;Dr: you're probably gonna have to wait for the guy that set up the group to get yours :C
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Sat May 23, 2015 4:15 am

  • It's not hard to understand it. I know it very well.
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