How much does it cost (roughly) to go to Magfest from UK?

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  • Hello,

    I live in the UK and have never traveled to America before, but I absolutely love the idea of Magfest and from videos I've see it looks incredible.

    As I have never traveled to America I am very unsure of how much it would cost roughly in GBP (£) for the whole trip for stuff such as:

      Hotel (would be for two people)
      Event itself
      Food and Drinks
      Spending Money etc...

    At this rate I'm hoping to save up enough to most likely attend the one in 2017... I imagine I could save enough in a year and a half's time.

    So does anyone from the UK, who has been before, know how much it would roughly cost in GBP?

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  • Flight is what's going to cost the most.

    For MagClassic in $USD

    Hotel will be about $435 for the stay, $218 per person if you have two people.
    Food, say $30 a day, so $120 for the 4 days.
    Drinks, that can go from mild to wild. If you're doing the smart thing and drinking in your room, probably $75 should get you through.

    Spending money, there are vendor booths that sell games, clothing, flasks, all kinds of stuff. Again, that can be from mild to wild. I typically spend around $50-$100 depending on what I like.

    $218 - Hotel
    $195 - Food/Drink
    $100 - Spending Cash (not needed)

    Total $513 USD, plus whatever your flight over costs you.

    And for the record, you can do this for a lot cheaper. Get two more people for the room, cuts that down to $110 for the hotel. If you go to the grocery and buy food, you can cut your food price in half. Drink cheap booze, and don't plan on buying anything. Could make it happen for about $250 + your flight.

    Best of luck making it over. It's a really good time! Personally, I like the smaller more intimate environment MagClassic has to offer. It's nice meeting people, and actually seeing them again. VS the flagship event where you'll meet someone and probably never run into them again. However there is x10 more things/games at the main MagFest event.

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  • I suggest not sharing a room with more than 3 other people, but it will cut down costs a lot for the hotel part. 4 is really the max in my experience unless it's a suite room.
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  • While I can't say what they'd be next year plane tickets for before and after MAGFest this year are running around 600+. Not nearly as much as I'd have thought.
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