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  • Hello everyone my name is James Lewis and I am an independent filmmaker that will be shooting a documentary about Magfest. All weekend we will be interviewing professionals, bands and of course you the fans. Here are some of the things we are looking for.

    We are looking for some unique fan stories to highlight in our documentary. So if you have traveled a long way, been to magfest for several years or have a specific gaming or music mission you want to accomplish we would like to follow your story throughout the weekend. If you are interested in being interviewed you can email us at with a few sentences about your story or what your trying to accomplish while at Magfest.

    If you are planning to cosplay during Magfest and interested in being interviewed about your magfest experience you can email us at with a few pics of past cosplay outfits, if your staying at the Gaylord and what day you are planning to Cosplay.

    Room Gaming Parties at the Gaylord Hotel
    If you are planning a get together of friends for a game or party we are interested in stopping by to show that the gaming is not just in the event halls but also in the rooms themselves. You can also email us at with the day and time you plan on having your gaming party. Could be board, video game or cosplay gathering.

    Of course we can’t follow every story or interview every request because of our tight shooting schedule but we do want to tell the story of the fans and do it the right way for this projects.

    Thanks for your time guys and have an awesome magfest.
    James Lewis
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