Does a Pokemon GO cosplay contest need approval?

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  • Hello! Quick question.

    I'm interested in possibly running a cosplay contest specific to Pokemon GO while at MAGfest, awarding Team banners and gift cards to the best Team Leader and Trainer cosplays at the event. Does what I'm planning require official approval by MAGfest? I don't plan to use a convention center room or anything; I would just hold the contest in a public area of the Gaylord. What rules and regs apply in this case, and what do I need to do to be in compliance with MAGfest policies?
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  • You can always email to ask specific questions, but people do all kinda of things that aren't officially sanctioned, and that's part of what makes MAGFest MAGFest. But in general, keep things positive, inquire with MAGFest about anything that may get in the way or cause a disruption of some sort, and mark unofficial things as being unofficial.
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