[Need Room] for 1 person, full 4 day stay preferable, but I

Looking to carpool or share a hotel room? Have a badge you can't use? Offer or request here!

  • Full 4 day stay preferable, but I will consider all options.
    Basically the group I was hoping to go with dissolved, so I'm need of a place to stay while over there.
    The date is approaching so I'm willing to hear from whatever you have to offer, I don't want to miss my chance to assist.
    Oh, I'm male btw.

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  • Hello there, fellow geek.

    Do you currently have a badge? My group is looking to get transfer two extra badges with the space for two more peeps in our suite.
    If not, we might be able to sell one of the badges and take you in. Also, how old are you? Since there will be drinking in our suite, we want adults only.

    Best regards.
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  • I do have my own badge, and I don't think you have to worry about the age, I'm 27, and I'm ok with drinking.
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  • Your hotel choice may be the most important decision you make when planning a trip. Unless you’re upgraded, a flight is generally a flight no matter which airline you’re on, and the same goes for rental cars.


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