What info do I need to give for someone to transfer to me?

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  • I was under the impression that I only need to give someone my email address in order for them to transfer me their ticket. Is this not true? I don't have a ticket so can't verify what is needed myself...
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  • You don't even really need to give them an e-mail address, as long as you can communicate with them somewhere. It's in the FAQ.
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  • Quoted from the FAQ:

    How do I sell or transfer my badge?

    To transfer your registration to another person, open your confirmation email and send them the personalized link referenced in the last paragraph. Please note: You may resell your registration for the no more than the exact price you paid for it.

    Warning: If you purchased an upgrade tier with your badge, that will also be transferred when your badge is transferred.

    If you suspect anyone of violating these policies or otherwise attempting to scam or defraud you, please let us know. You can send me a private message on this forum, or email regsupport@magfest.org

    Trust your instincts, if something seems suspicious or too good to be true, I encourage you to look into it before potentially losing money or otherwise putting yourself at risk.
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