[ FILLED ]Have Room for 2 at the Gaylord!

Looking to carpool or share a hotel room? Have a badge you can't use? Offer or request here!

  • My friend and I came into a room at the Gaylord at the last minute and we're looking to fill it up a little bit, but not too much.

    Room is check in Thursday check out Sunday. Looking to get two more people, $175 per person. None of that pay ahead of time shit, I wouldn't do it and I don't expect you to. Pay me when you get there in person, I think that's the safest bet for all parties.

    No rules other than no smoking (obviously) and 21+. There'll be a lot of drinking and going out late, so while you don't have to partake make sure you're ok with people coming back at late hours.

    PM me if you're interested.

    Edit: Room is filled.
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  • I pmd you!
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