READ FIRST! Rideshare/Roomshare guidlines thread

Looking to carpool or share a hotel room? Have a badge you can't use? Offer or request here!

  • Use the following format for threads:

    [Want/Have Ride/Room] Description

    [Want Ride] Two people from Philadelphia
    [Have Room] Three spots free from Jan 2-5

    Please use this forum at your own risk, and please make safe choices when working out an arrangement with someone you don't know.

    Please avoid anything that expresses or implies anything regarding any form of adult or physical activity. Also avoid anything regarding physical attributes or body shape/size, with the exception of stating your gender and preferred gender. For example, "I'm a male and prefer to room with other males." is great, "Prefer roommates with toned biceps." is not great. MAGFest is an inclusive community, and the purpose of this forum is limited to connecting people looking to share a room/ride for cost/convenience, it is not any sort of match making or personals site.

    Please avoid mentioning any sort of illegal activity or anything that goes against hotel/MAGFest policy. Posts mentioning such things may be removed.

    Thanks for keeping things safe and sane!
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