[CARPOOLING] 2 Seats Available (MAGFest/MAGLabs)

Looking to carpool or share a hotel room? Have a badge you can't use? Offer or request here!

  • Jeremy S. from LAN/TechOps. Got room for 2-3 people and luggage for both MAGFest and MAGLabs.

    Point of Origin: J Sargent Reynolds Parham Rd. Campus (Henrico County, VA)
    Time Leaving: 9:30 A.M.
    Minimum Time to Arrival: 12:00 Noon (NON-NEGOTIABLE)
    Available Room: 2-3 seats depending on how much stuff is crammed into the back
    The car has working AC, back and front cupholders for foodstuffs, a new Bluetooth radio, 2 USB charging hubs, a spare tire kit (full spare, not that temp crap), and it's actually clean.

    To avoid problems:
    Bring only what you need. The jobsite box takes a LOT of room and I need the thing to bring my PC to stream and manage LAN tournaments.
    If you want to store stuff in the jobsite box, tell me NOW, not the night before, so I can make room.
    Have common sense. Things like, dont disturb the driver, agree on ONE place to eat, try not to get the car dirty, etc etc etc. We all have the capacity to be respectful of one another and carpooling is no different.

    I am trying to get footage to advertise for MAGFest 2017. This includes driving footage which will be posted as a blog on my YT channel. If you are not okay with being on video, please consider this before asking for a ride.
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