Floor Space in Residence Inn. Across from Gaylord.

It's not a Con, it's a Festival! Except when it's a Stock! Or a Gen!

  • Hi,

    This does have a fully furnished kitchen, but they're are multiple people with allergies, so very important, no cooking with dairy or eggs, it is okay to store that stuff in the fridge though. It does however come with free Breakfast in the lobby so if you still have A MIGHTY NEED.Sharing with others with special sleep requirements. So beds are taken.We are partiers to will likely be out late, sleep in late. But also respectful of people trying to relax, etc.We will be drinking / smoking in the room, but will be respectful of people who don't like / can't be near that.We also cosplay so there is room for it if needed?

    Please help.

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