What are you most looking forward to at MAGFest 13?

It's not a Con, it's a Festival! Except when it's a Stock! Or a Gen!

  • This is going to be my first, so I am beyond stoked. Been checking out the bands and liking what I'm hearing. Definitely gonna have to catch Super Guitar Bros, Yuu Miyake, Rare Candy, Mega Ran, and jeez I don't know how many others.
    I was actually inspired to attend by YouTube video game cover artist "boozinwalsh", you should check out his vids. I'm here for the music, but definitely also for games, art, people, culture.
    I'll be volunteering at some points in the console/LAN areas.
    I'm coming all the way from FL, hope to see some of your beautiful faces there!

    How about you??
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  • Meeting the Grumps :)
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  • Random tournaments, imported games, and Duke Nukem!
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  • That's awesome Viglet! I'm glad well be seeing you at our show.

    Have you heard of Bit Brigade? They are by far my favorite band at Magfest. Basically a rock/metal band plays music while the 5th member is actually playing an NES game on stage. You can see on a screen behind the band everything he's doing and the band plays the games music in sync with what he's doing in the game. Straight up the coolest show I've ever seen.

    Also looking forward to Viking Guitar Live, Rare Candy, Powerglove, Super Soul Bros, Lonely Rolling Stars and many other bands. This is the only convention where you will see so many awesome bands in one place.
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  • I had not heard of Bit Brigade until now, what an awesome show idea. I wonder what game they're gonna do this time...
    I actually just sat and watched your set from last year's (i think) MAGFest, which just made me more excited to see you guys. heh
    Oh yeah, really wanna see Super Soul Bros as well. So smooth. Now that the schedule's out, I can make sure I see all the music I want. Glad it's all mostly at night so I can volunteer during the day without missing too much.
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  • A shovel knight cosplayer shoveling the snow(if it snows) lol :D
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  • Is Jon St John going to be at 13?

    I'm looking forward to a flip cup rematch. Our room took a beating at 8.5
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  • Hallway flip cup? Wondering if you are talking about the the same game my room started. We pulled a table in the hallway then a room down the hall pulled another one, then we pulled it into their room after bothering some people. Either way if you want to play some flip cup let me know. I'm sure my rooms will be down.
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  • That Normal Boots panel ought to be fun.
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  • JS Joust Love that game and the developer will be there again this year. I won the tournament against the merchant last year, hope to win again!!!
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    But besides that.. hanging out with friends, drinking, going to panels, drinking, shopping, drinking, DJ battle, drinking...

    All that :)
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